Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Unboxing: May Ipsy Glam Bag

Toward the middle of the month most people get a little worn-out. It's not quite as exciting as the beginning of a new month, nor is it as satisfying as making it through to the end. However, what the middle of the month means to me is a new Ipsy Glam Bag full of surprise goodies to keep me going.

If you remember my bag from last month you'll know that it had a rocker chic vibe and was full of products that I was super excited to try. This month's bag is a little tamer with cosmetics in lighter colors and skincare products tailored for the summer.

I always have to start off by critiquing the bag since one major feature that sets Ipsy apart from all the other monthly subscription services is that it comes in a makeup bag. Unlike the preceding months, this month's bag isn't made out of the nylon/polyester material that Ipsy's cosmetic bags typically come in. This month the bag is made of a softer cloth material and comes in a cute vine print. Hey Ipsy, if you're reading this please stick with these kinds of bag 'cause they're a step up from the usual tacky ones that I'd never carry!

As for the products inside and my first impressions of each:
Pūr-lisse pūr-moist hydra-balance moisturizer -- Couldn't wait to try it so I smeared some on immediately after I showered. It has a lightweight yet intensely moisturizing feel that I adore!
Pacifica eyeshadow duo -- Purple is not my color but the white with gold shimmer looked promising. However, after swatching the shades on the back of my hand I discovered the shadows were chalky and unpigmented.
Nailtini nail lacquer in Frappe -- Haven't tried yet but this will be on my nails soon! The light pink shade is perfect for me and for my mom!
Hang Ten classic sport natural sunscreen SPF50 -- Haven't tried yet but I'm all for sun protection and how wrong could you go with sunscreen?
Crown Brush pro blending fluff brush -- Haven't used yet either but judging from the quality it feels soft but I fear it might shed. Let's cross our fingers and hope it proves me wrong.

I'd say this month's bag is of average quality. The eyeshadow and brush are a bit of a disappointment for me since I have no use for either. The Pūr-lisse moisturizer, Nailtini polish and actual bag made up for it but the Hang Ten sunscreen is just meh. I'm not disappointed overall but I was certainly hoping for something better, especially after last month's bag! I know some of my friends got some other really cool products this month so maybe I just got a bad pick.

If you're interested in subscribing to Ipsy for $10/month be sure to use my referral link: http://Ipsy.com/r/52v0

See y'all next time!


  1. Crown brushes are great! But they are normally quite affordable too. I think my favorite is the nail polish but I agree it's an average bag!


  2. I've been seeing similar reactions to this bag. I hope the brush works well for you!

  3. Oh, good to know I'm not the only one with mixed feelings. I still haven't tried the brush out but it seems promising!

  4. I had no idea! Thanks for letting me know. I believe I've heard of Crown brushes before but I'm not very sure where to find them.


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