Monday, May 19, 2014

Manicure Monday: Marimekko Inspired Nail Art by Janelle

I haven't done my nails in months! I've been alternating between au naturale and OPI Nail Envy in order to keep my nails healthy during the brutal winter we experienced in NYC. However, now that warmer weather is here (and hopefully here to stay), I've gotten bit by the nail art bug and decided to try out a nail design by Janelle of Elle & ish.

Inspired by Finnish designer Marimekko's signature floral prints, this nail design just screamed Spring. I used my own combination of nail polishes but kept the shades true to Janelle's original color palette. It wasn't as hard as it looked and I was incredibly satisfied with my handiwork once I saw the final product. I received tons of compliments on my nails from coworkers and friends over the past two weeks that I've been sporting this design. Seriously though, check out Janelle's tutorial on YouTube as well as her other designs because she is hands down my favorite nail art blogger!


  1. Oh my goodness! So cute! More nails! hehe :D

  2. Hopefully more everything! Finals week is almost over and I can finally get back to blogging! :D


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