Monday, July 8, 2013

Manicure Monday: Chevron Nails

Can you believe I've never done Chevron nail art before? It's probably one of the simplest nail designs to do but it has always eluded me. So this week I finally decided to give it a try and I wanted to put a spin on it by adding in an ombre look. I used Essie Blanc for the white, Essie Off the Shoulder for the hot pink at the base and Sephora by OPI I'm Wired for the Coral stripe. I'm thinking about filming nail tutorials as I practice my nail art!


  1. would love to see a tutorial! I've never done chevrons before :P

  2. Thanks(: I'm slowly breaking into nail art.

  3. I'll keep that in mind! Maybe I'll make it one of my next videos(:


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