Friday, July 26, 2013

Deal Alert: 20% Off Sigma Beauty

I have super exciting news for you all! For one week only you can get 20% off your entire purchase at Sigma Beauty. Just enter in the code SBAP20 at checkout. For those who don't know, Sigma is a very popular site for affordable high quality makeup brushes. A majority of the brushes that I own and use daily are from Sigma so I can personally say that I love them. This discount code is a great opportunity to try out Sigma brushes if you never have before and if you already have some, then you probably are itching to try more! In order to give you guys ideas on what you might like to try and buy, I'd like to share some of my favorite brushes/brush kits and some brushes that I have my eye on.

1. Mr. Bunny Essential Kit ($120)

This is hands down the best kit to buy if you are just starting out your brush collection. This kit includes all the face and eye brushes you could possibly need in your daily makeup routine. Whether you're new to makeup or looking to just replace an old brush set, the Mr. Bunny Essential Kit is great. It also comes with a travel container so it's extremely convenient if you are a girl (or guy) on the go. What's even better is that all the brushes are made of synthetic fibers so they are vegan-friendly!

A brush set that I've had my eye on for a while now has been Sigma's Performance Eyes Kit. What sets these eye brushes apart from all the others is that they are smaller and more precise, making it great for those with smaller eyes.

This is another kit that has been raved about by beauty gurus and bloggers everywhere. All of these brushes are made of synthetic hairs, making them great to use with liquid foundation. Each of them can be purchased separately if you're interested in a specific one, from left to right: Flat Kabuki ($18), Round Kabuki ($18), Angled Kabuki ($18) & Tapered Kabuki ($18).

I personally own this individual brush and I love using it for exactly what it's meant to be used for, applying powder highlight. The tapered end allows you go get a precise application while still being fluffy enough to not concentrate it too much in one area. It's very easy to use, especially around the eyes.

5. Small Contour ($16)

Another great individual brush to own is the Small Contour. Obviously, I use it to contour my face but what makes this brush great is how small it is. It gives me great control and I can easily apply my contour to specific areas of my face like under my cheeks and around my temples. It also is shaped in a way that makes it easy to buff out your contour so you don't look too made up.

Also, as an awesome bonus if you make a purchase with a sub-total over $30 at the time of checkout you receive a free mini Spa Glove Texture Sample. I personally have not received this specific sample yet, but it sounds kind of interesting since the Spa Glove is Sigma's newest big thing. It's basically a glove that you slip on when you're cleaning your brushes and the glove has different nubs and textures on it to make the cleaning process easier and more efficient!

*Discount code will activate at Midnight (12AM CST), July 22 and end at Midnight (12AM CST), July 29.

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  1. Ah! This is extremely tempting! I just wish their shipping charges were slightly lower though!

  2. I love the Mr. Bunny Set and the Synthetic kabuki set! <3

  3. Ooh! Do you have the entire synthetic kabuki set? Which is your favorite one(:?

  4. I agree! Their shipping charges are what gets me every time. I'd order from them a lot more if they offered free shipping.

  5. I do! Except for that new slanted flat top one...I think my favorite would have to be the flat kabuki. I use it every day for my foundation :D I kind of want to get the slanted one they have...hehe

  6. I've heard the flat top kabuki is the best one out of the whole set but the tapered kabuki looks really interesting :P


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