Saturday, October 27, 2012

Review: L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara

I mentioned this L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara ($5.84+) in my latest Target haul. I was inspired to purchase it because I had seen MakeupByTiffanyD mention it in one of her videos and post pictures of it on Instagram, and it looked amazing. Her pictures showed long voluminous lashes, which is a look I've always been trying to achieve but could never find the right mascara for the job. On that note, I think I've found the answer to my prayers because this mascara is the best I've ever tried!

Packaging: The mascara comes in a pale gold tube and while that may seem to make it look more luxurious looking, it actually has the opposite effect of making it look like a drugstore mascara imitating a department store one. The brush is very thick and fluffy and the stopper inside the tube does a great job of evenly dispersing the mascara about the brush and taking off any excess. I've yet to have too much mascara on the brush when I take it out that I have to wipe it off.

Quality: I did say this mascara was the answer to my prayers so that should let you know right off the bat that this product is amazing. My lashes are on the longer side but they clump very easily since they criss-cross and like to clump together naturally. This mascara does a great job of lengthening my lashes even more, almost to the point where it looks like I could be wearing false lashes. It also does an amazing job of actually separating my lashes and defining each one.

Application: My lashes never clump when I use this mascara, which is rare to me because I normally have to try really hard to prevent clumping with any mascara I use.

Longevity: This mascara lasts me the entire day without smudging! That's also another amazing feat to me because my mascara always smudges, especially underneath my eyes. This one stays put and refuses to budge so I don't end up looking like a raccoon by the end of the day.

Overall: I would recommend this to anyone who is on a budget but is looking for lots of length, volume and definition (really, what more could you ask for?!). The formula in conjunction with the brush creates, in my opinion, the perfect mascara. It also applies easily and stays put all day. This mascara does a great job making my lashes appear much longer and fuller and people have actually complimented me on my lashes when I was wearing this product. The amazing quality and the fact that it's a drugstore brand, so it's a much more affordable product, make this mascara definitely worth checking out.

What are your favorite mascaras? Do you prefer drugstore or department store brands?


  1. An answer to my drugstore mascara prayers! I'll definitely check this one out!! :)

    Thanks for the heads up!

    The Misty Mom

    1. No problem. This mascara is definitely amazing!

  2. Ooh, this sounds nice! I typically use the Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara, but I think I need to give this a try!

  3. Ooh this sounds like a great mascara! Right now I'm using Maybelline's great lash, but this one sounds amazing!

    1. I've tried Maybelline's Great Lash before but I like this mascara a million times more :P

  4. I have a similar one from Loreal - it's a big gold tube and it's amazing! I found your blog from the blog swap! New follower! Oh and I am doing a little giveaway on my blog tomorrow, I would love to have you stop by!

    1. Thanks for following! I'm following back(:


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