Saturday, October 13, 2012

✨ October Wish List! ✨

I usually like to get these wish lists up by the 1st of the month so I'm extremely late this time around. Midterms are really stressing me out since I'm trying to boost my GPA before I take my MCATs and apply to Medical school next year. So far I've taken one midterm, Physics, and I'm pretty sure I completely flunked it. When my professor said "anything is fair game" on the midterm I didn't think he meant stuff we hardly covered in class! I'm considering dropping the course if I don't see any possible way of getting at least a B but I have never dropped a course before and I didn't plan on starting now. I'm hoping he gives us extra credit or a curve but he has no history of being that kind apparently so for now it's just wishful thinking. I still have four midterms to go and hopefully the grades from my other classes will act as a buffer for this awful grade I'll be getting in Physics.

Anyways, enough about my college problems and more about what I have my eyes set on for the month of October.

I've never tried a Tarte LipSurgence before and I've always wanted to so I figured getting this set of five would be a great way to try out multiple colors and finishes to see if I like it. Have any of you tried a Tarte LipSurgence before? I'd love to know your opinions on them!

I have been seeing swatches of this nail polish everywhere! And it's so freakin' beautiful! I can't fathom paying $18 for a nail polish but the beauty and uniqueness of this polish makes me think it could be worth it. I'm still on the edge about this one but I'm about to break.

This might sound really weird but I don't have a nighttime moisturizer at the moment. I was using Aveeno's Smart Essentials Nighttime Moisture Infusion but I noticed it was too greasy for my combination skin and I think it might have started to break me out. This bareMinerals moisturizer is the best nighttime moisturizer I've found so far and I'm considering checking it out. Does anybody have any recommendations?

I actually just realized yesterday morning that I seriously needed some new face concealer. I really want a full coverage concealer for my face in order to hide some veins in my cheeks and old acne marks. I've been considering checking out this MUFE concealer but I'm open to recommendations!

Another product I surprisingly do not have is a setting powder. I've been using my mom's Shiseido Perfect Smoothing Compact but the coverage is too much for me when I use it with my Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation. I really want a sheer or translucent setting powder that can also control the shine I get from my oily forehead. I've been considering this one from UD but I'm open to recommendations for this as well.

So that's my wish list for now. Hopefully I find the time to go out and make these purchases before the end of the month. Also, if you have any recommendations on nighttime moisturizers and setting powders for combination skin or full coverage concealers please let me know!


  1. The last two are on my wishlist as well! Esp the MUFE Full Cover Concealer.
    I use The Balm's Sexy Mama for mattifying powder and it works wonders! Very translucent yet mattifying. But I wanna try a loose powder like Dior's (i tried it on the counter and it works like MAGIC!)

    The Misty Mom

    1. MUFE Full Cover Concealer is definitely what I'm most interested in trying, especially since I NEED it now that I've run out of a decent face concealer. I have a loose setting powder by BareMinerals, their Mineral Veil, and I like it but it's very inconvenient to travel with ):

  2. Good luck with school!
    I want to try out the MUFE conceler :)

    1. Thanks so much! I'll definitely do a review if I get it(:


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