Saturday, February 2, 2013

January Favorites

I didn't even realize it was already February until I looked at my calendar today, and you know what the beginning of a new month means: monthly favorites! All my favorites from the month of January were products that I brought with me on vacation. They've certainly been pushed to their limits since while I was on vacation I was running around, out for over 12 hours a day and I didn't have much time to stop and reapply makeup.
January Favorites 2013

1. Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Golden Mosaic ($40) - I got a sample size of this product from the In The Glow set I bought from Sephora and decided to bring it with me since one half of it has contour shades and the other half has highlight shades. I used this product the entire time I was on vacation to highlight and contour and it worked perfectly. However, if you don't like any kind of shimmer in your highlighting and contouring products then I would skip this since it does have a hint of shimmer in it.

2. Too Faced Lashgasm Mascara ($21) - I got this full sized product as part of my Too Faced Shadow  Bon Bons ($42) set and reviewed it along with the shadows and Shadow Insurance here. I mentioned how it impressed me in my review and it impressed me once again while I was on vacation. It's perfect for lengthening and defining your lashes. It also stayed put all day and didn't smudge.

3. Urban Decay Naked Palette ($50) - Do I even need to explain why this made it onto my favorites this month? It's my go to palette for traveling since it has all the warm neutral colors I love and could possibly need while I'm away. It's an oldie but a definite goodie, and if you don't have it, I highly suggest getting it!

4. Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit ($120) - Okay, I know the picture is not of the Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit but rather the Mr. Bunny Essential Kit, but you'll have to excuse that since for some reason I couldn't find the Mrs. Bunny set when I was creating this favorites set. Anyways, I finally purchased Sigma's synthetic Sigmax brush set and I brought it with me on vacation and loved it! The brushes are so smooth and soft, and they apply makeup wonderfully.

5. Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder with Real Cocoa ($29) - I also got this as part of the In The Glow set from Sephora and I brought it with me on vacation since it was a smaller travel sized version and I had heard great things about it. I used it the entire time I was on vacation and I absolutely loved it. It really does smell like chocolate and it gives your skin this nice hint of color.

6. Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm in Cherry Me ($2.97) - I believe this has showed up on my favorites list before and it's back on because this was the only lip product I used while I was on vacation. It's so easy to apply and it gives a nice hint of gloss and color. It's also very moisturizing so I was able to get a good color on my lips and hydrate them at the same time! The product also conveniently fits in my boyfriend's pockets so that was a plus as well. If you want to know more, I wrote a review here.
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  1. Traveling is a really good way to figure out what your favorites are. If you feel the need to take something with you, odds are pretty good it's a favorite. You had some really good picks for your trip!

    1. I totally agree with you on that! And thanks(:

  2. I love your favorites! :D Haha I love how you included baby lips again hehe. omg I really need to get the Mr. Bunny kit! We're most likely traveling in a few months and it would be great to have!

    1. Thanks! I always end up coming back to my baby lips :P And yes, the Mr. Bunny kit is fabulous! It's so convenient, portable and works great(:

  3. The Shimmer Bloc looks soo pretty!


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