Thursday, July 26, 2012

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain (Cherish)

I've been dying to try these Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains since I first heard about it. I know they've been out for a while but it has been almost impossible for me to find them anywhere! I've hunted all over the city for it and I could never find them, and when I did they were in colors that did not look like they would be flattering on me. So finally, when I was able to find the colors I liked, I picked them up immediately. The shade that I'll be reviewing today is Cherish, a light pinkish lilac.

The packaging of this product is very similar to that of the Tarte LipSurgences. The color of the packaging represents the color of the balm stain. It twists up so you never have to sharpen it but the downfall to that is that you won't have a nice pointed tip forever. I can deal with it since a chubby stick product like this would be hard to find a sharpener for.

The product itself is wonderful and was exactly what I was looking for. When you first apply it the color seems very sheer with a hint of mint (exactly like the Tarte LipSurgences), but as it oxidizes its true color comes out and almost matches that of the packaging. In the first hour or two of wear the color is very vibrant with a high gloss shine but as time goes on the gloss fades but the color stays on your lips.

I'm definitely interested in trying more colors but I've noticed that the color selection for this product is completely lacking. I've heard that the nude shades are not as pigmented and the rest of the shades are mostly pinks and purples. There is one red shade that looks interesting but so far I think I may have all the colors that would flatter my skin tone.

I highly recommend this product to anybody looking for a drugstore lip stain. It has good staying power and is a lot cheaper than buying a Tarte LipSurgence. The color and finish selection is not as great but it's pretty good if you're more into pinkish shades. This specific shade of Cherish is a very bright light purplish pink so I think it would flatter lighter skin tones the most. On a side note, all these colors, aside form the nudes, are very bright so they are great for a bold lip. I take points off for a lack of variety but in general, this is a great drugstore product.

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