Saturday, July 28, 2012

July Beauty Favorites!

Well July sure flew by quickly for me. The first half of the month I spent in Florida at Disney World and Universal Orlando and the second half I spent in summer classes. Clearly, the first half of my July was the better half. But, at last the month is coming to a close and that means July beauty favs!

I'm still using a lot of my faves from June, like the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish and the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil, but there are a few new additions to my summer beauty routine.

First up we have probably the most expensive beauty item I've ever purchased in my life, the Cle De Peau Beaute Concealer ($70). Now I'm not in the habit of buying extremely expensive products but I decided to make an exception for this one. My entire life I've been searching for a concealer for my under eye circles and I could never find one that had the right coverage and consistency. I had all but given up until I heard about all these rave reviews regarding this concealer. I feel it was totally worth the $70 because it covers my dark circles like magic, and since I've been waking up at 6:45AM every Monday through Thursday for summer courses I have some serious circles to conceal.

My second favorite is this Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara ($19). I bought this a while ago from Sephora and I never paid much mind to it until recently. I don't know what came over me to go on and grab this mascara out of the bunch I have but I'm glad I did. It really lengthens my lashes and holds my curl.

I actually just purchased this Herbal Essences Hydralicious Shampoo ($8.67) & Conditioner ($8.67) about a week ago and I'm already completely in love with it. I couldn't quite put my finger on the scent for a while but in its description on Amazon it says that it has the scent of water lily nectar and passion fruit, all I can say is that it smells amazing. Most shampoos and conditioner weigh my straight and thin hair down but this duo leaves my hair soft and bouncy. I actually wake up in the morning with perfect looking hair, something that used to never happen to me with any other shampoo or conditioner I've used before.

Another drugstore and monthly beauty favorite is a longtime favorite of many beauty gurus, the Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm ($2.97) in Pink Punch. I'm pretty late to the game because when they first came out I figured it was just a glorified lip balm but now I see why everybody loves it. It definitely gives your lips a good amount of moisture and on top of that it gives your lips a nice hint of color. This shade in Pink Punch gives a hot pink sheen to your lips and I love how it feels lightweight, which is perfect for these hot summer days. It's a great product to take with you to the beach.

And finally, I've been really into my MAC Hey, Sailor! Blush ($21) in Fleet Fast! Like the Eyeko mascara, this was just lying around in my makeup arsenal for a while until I felt the urge to take it out again. It gives a nice peachy coral tint to the cheeks, giving me a nice and healthy glow for the summer.

So what are your July beauty favorites? I'd love to know! If you have a blog post please link it below, and if not then feel free to comment.



  1. 8.67 for herbal essence! Ah that is so much, but I guess it's cause where you live?

    I actually couldn't follow you because you dont have Google friend connect

    you can go to my blog
    and go to the blogging section and under my post "Building your blog" if you wanna learn how to put that on your page!

    1. Yeah, I live in NYC so everything's crazy overpriced over here ):

      Thanks for the tip btw, I added the gadget!


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