Monday, August 19, 2013

Review: Essie Smooth Trick

I am so incredibly sorry that I haven't posted in over a week. Both my summer classes and internship were coming to a close so I was swamped with work during that time. But now I'm back and I won't be going back to class for a month so be prepared for a whole lot of activity on this blog. Now with that out of the way lets get on to the actual post.
I've been extremely obsessed with nail care lately because I've noticed that my nails haven't been looking as healthy as they used to and my cuticles have been pretty dry. I was watching a video by MakeupByTiffanyD on YouTube about her nail care routine and when she spoke about the Essie Smooth Trick Deep-Conditioning Cuticle Oil ($2.98), I knew I had to get it.
This deep-conditioning oil can be used daily to smoothen and soften dry cuticles. I specifically like it for the packaging because it comes in a squeeze tube with a pointed soft-gel tip that you can use to apply the oil directly to the cuticle and it can get in the space between your nail and your skin. The product is scentless and it seems like it'll last me for quite a while.
I try to use it at least once a day and rub it into my cuticles to make sure the product gets absorbed. I didn't notice a dramatic difference at first but I had stopped using it for a few weeks while I was going to class and interning and realized how ragged my cuticles began to look. I've started using it again and my nails have been looking much better. I really recommend this for anybody looking to soften their cuticles and get rid of those dry patches around your nails.

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