Saturday, May 4, 2013

Movie Night Outfit

Last night I went to watch Iron Man 3 with my boyfriend and since we had time to kill before the showing, I decided to take some OOTD photos. We headed over to Battery Park and took some pics by the marina.

Sunglasses | Selima Sun for J.Crew (similar one here and here)
Jacket | Abercrombie & Fitch (similar one here)
Top | Forever 21
Jeans | Urban Outfitters
Bag | Kooba
Earrings | Dean Harris

The weather was really sunny but still a bit chilly and very windy so I wore a denim jacket with a sleeveless tie-front button down and high-waisted skinny jeans. On my lips is Inglot's Lipstick in shade #279 and you can read my review of it here.

And for those of you wondering, Iron Man 3 was amazing and definitely a must-see in theaters. Marvel really outdid themselves once again with this movie, a huge step up from the somewhat disappointing Iron Man 2. The movie was chock full of humor, action and romance so there's something for everyone. Plus, how could you not love RDJ as Iron Man?!

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  1. Ahh, I visited NYC a few years ago and this makes me miss it so much! Love your outfit!

    1. Aw! And here I am wanting to get away from the city :P

  2. Great movie date outfit. The top paired with the jacket is super cute. I love that 2nd photo with the sunshine. =0)
    New GFC follower here, and I'd like to invite you to a blog hop at my place:
    It's open through Monday night, if you'd like to join us.

    1. Thanks! :D I'll be sure to check out the blog hop next Monday.

  3. I just love your style! Great pictures :D We just went to see Iron Man 3 today! I agree that it was much better than Iron Man 2 hehe

    1. Thanks :D it was awesome!! I love RDJ as Iron Man(:

  4. Very cute outfit!
    I absolutely love those sunglasses :D I haven't seen Iron Man 3, and it's good to hear that it is funnier and more entertaining than Iron Man 2.

  5. Oi, I love the shirt! It's so sweet!
    I also cannot wait to see Iron Man 3! My fiance and I have been trying to find some time to go!

    1. Thanks! I'm sure by now you've already watch it but it was definitely worth seeing~


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